Hello, I'm Hope

I build design systems, design beautifully simple products, and love to teach others how to do the same

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A senior engineer with six years of experience in mobile and web dev land 🌐

Motivated by my Peace Corps volunteer work, I'm passionate about designing solutions and building tech that makes people happier, and enjoy working with others who strive to do the same.

Passionate about capacity-building and co-designing in international health? I'm also a fractional engineering executive at Puente, a tech nonprofit that creates and uses data collection and analysis software to identify and respond to health needs in international development.

Let's work together!

Selected Projects

Adding a high-usage organism to a design system
design system engineer
How many versions of a mobile data collection application can we create?
mobile engineer
Adding a note’s interface to cybersecurity visualization data
frontend engineer

I've worked at some cool places

And have built some serious engineering and design chops along the way. Whether you're in need of a new design system or a new mobile app front-to-back, I have the skills and know-how to make the rubber meet the road with your ideas and bring delight to your users!

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Cityblock Health

Senior UX Engineer

Leading the efforts for design and engineering of our design system Commonplace. Previously worked as a full-stack engineer on our care delivery team.

2022 - Present


Principal Software Engineer

As an engineering leader at Puente, a tech non-profit, I develop and manage our client-facing applications, API services, and cloud infrastructure resources to identify and respond to health needs in international development. I lead an agile engineering team of 3, continuously improving the reliability of product aesthetics, usability, and data delivery.

2017 - Present (Part-time)

The Washington Post

Full-Stack Javascript Engineer

As a member of The Washington Post's Research, Experimentation, and Design team (RED), I worked on developing advertising products and applications for the Post, advertisers, and other publishers. Did a lot of work on cloud-native micro-services using AWS Resources and support the orchestration of existing product infrastructure using tools like AWS Codepipeline and AWS Codebuild.



Software Engineer

As an engineer at IQT, a non-profit that invests in tech to accelerate development for the CIA and other U.S. government agencies to enhance national security, I created comparative design evaluations, mockups, and engineering prototypes for Cyber Reboot, IQT's open-source cybersecurity and network visualization software team.